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🇬🇧 Dear brother and sister of color,
🇪🇺 Dear friend,I have the pleasur to invite you to a feast in our joyous compagny. This Kneipe will take place the saturday 14th of May 18:30 at the Association Parlementaire Européenne.-TO (Very Official, suit for gentlemen and dress or suit for ladies)
-Plen.Col. (Full Colours, traditional student dresses welcome)
-AI (With Guests)
-ST (Sine Tempore, without delay)💉 MANDATORY SANITARY PASS💉
💰 Kneipe price (beers and softs)💰
💶10€ for active and students
💶20€ for former students
With this in mind, I send you all my best wishes
Thibaut Haan v/o Le Combattant (XXX,XX,FM²,X) ; X RSA!

Parliamentary Kneipe